About us

Christian Wellness Plans knows that Christian churches, schools and community organizations often do not have a Counsellor on staff for their congregation, for community referral, and for their staff and volunteers. Yet, there is a need for all of these to have access to Christian Counselling to help them through crises and life challenges.

Our services include Christian Counselling (provided through our sister company, Okanagan Christian Counselling) for individuals, couples, families, youth and children, groups and staff (workplace) settings in the areas of:

Marriage and Family
Mental Health
Emotional Health
Conflict Resolution
Prayer and Inner Healing
+ Workshops for Christian Professional Development and HR/Volunteer Training provided through our other sister company, Christian Counselling Academy

Christian Wellness Plans, through Okanagan Christian Counselling. is owned by Deana Van Fleet. She is a Clinical Christian Counsellor and a Certified Emotional Development Coach, an Addictions Interventionist and Recovery Counsellor, a Child & Family Advocate, a Behaviour Interventionist, a member in good standing with Canadian Christian Counsellors,and is certified as a Marketplace Minister She is also owner of and lead instructor with Christian Counselling Academy, offering certificate programs, courses, and workshops in Christian Counselling and Christian Healthcare. 

We offer day, evening and weekend counselling appointments, as well as text, telephone, email and Skype appointments
, we are mobile and can travel for appointments.  We adhere to both Canadian and American safe, fair and confidential "Professional Christian Counselling Practices" and provide clients with emotional, spiritual, physical and psychological safety and confidentiality. Contact us today by email at info@christianwellnessplans.com or by phone/text at 250-718-8856.

We believe in God as Father, Christ as the resurrected and risen King, and Holy Spirit as the spirit of God living within us.  Our counselling reflects this, and we believe and teach that the Lord wants to heal each of us at the very root of our hurts, pains and traumas in order to overcome negative and hurtful behaviors, relationships, addictions, etc. and bear GOOD FRUIT for the Glory of God.












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