single-use counselling cards

Christian Wellness Plans, through Okanagan Christian Counselling, now offers along-source counselling across Canada, coming alongside churches, schools and community organizations that want to be able to offer as-needed Christian Counselling, support, mentorship, teaching and workshops to their congregation, students, community outreaches, patients and clients, staff and volunteers. We offer per-use cards that you can hand out to those people in need as your organization sees and decides that an alongside-source of counselling would be beneficial to them. We call these cards HELLO Cards.

How does it work? Your organization can either pre-order a set amount of authorized cards to hand out as needed through the year, or can authorize us to bill you for counselling provided through your personal authorization number (given out by your organization to people you want counselling provided to). The people you give the cards to are authorized with one hour of counselling per card (unless otherwise arranged by the organization for pre-approval). All counselling services can be accessed by appointment in person (in Kelowna, BC), or by text, phone, Facetime, Skype and email. Appointments can be made for days, evenings, nights, weekends and holidays.

Counselling can include Christian counsel, mentorship/support, coaching, mental health therapies, emotional development counselling, prayer, deliverance, inner healing, teaching and workshops, as needed.

Our services are normally at a rate of $100.00 plus gst per hour. Your organization can call or email us to be setup as an authorized account; upon written acceptance of our billing rates and policies we will provide you with an authorization code specific to your organization. We will provide you with hardcopy printed single use counselling cards, with your authorization code on them and as you give them out and our services are accessed, we will bill your organization as used, at a rate of $65.00 plus gst per hour. 

If you prefer to pre-purchase cards at a better hourly rate, they can be purchased as follows, depending on your organization's needs: 

Individual (one card purchased at a time): $60.00 plus gst each card, authorizing one hour of counselling (which can be used as one appointment, two 30-minute appointments, three 20-minute appointments etc) 

5 Card Packages: $275.00 plus gst (save $5/card)  

10 Card Packages: $500.00 plus gst (save $10/card) 

*Cards do not expire and can be used anytime by making an appointment. 

To schedule a call from us or an email from us to answer your questions, to order cards, and to get your organization setup with an account, email us at or phone us at 250-718-8856.