we offer 2 options for your organization

  • Single-Use Counselling Cards

    Along-source counselling gives organizations like yours peace of mind, knowing that the counselling needs of individuals and families are well taken care of. We have single-use cards available that can be handed out as counselling needs arise in your congregation, students, ministry and community outreaches, patients and clients, staff and volunteers.

    Your organization can either pre-order a set amount of authorized cards to hand out as needed through the year, or can authorize us to bill you for counselling provided through your personal authorization number (given out by your organization to people you want counselling provided to). The people you give the cards to are authorized with one hour of counselling per card (unless otherwise arranged by the organization for pre-approval). All counselling services can be accessed by appointment in person (in Kelowna, BC), or by text, phone, Facetime, Skype and email. Appointments can be made for days, evenings, nights, weekends and holidays.  Counselling can include Christian counsel, mentorship/support, mental health therapies, coaching, prayer, deliverance, teaching and workshops, as needed.


  • Staff and/or Volunteer Plans

    Your organization can choose a STAFF and/or VOLUNTEER PLAN to cover your staff and volunteers for all counselling, support, mentoring, treatment, teaching, prayer, and inner healing needs all year long. Our plans can cover staff only, or staff and volunteers at your organization at a very reasonable cost per year.

    Plan A covers all paid staff for up to 5 counselling appointments/sessions per year, at a cost of $8.50 per month per staff member

    Plan B covers all paid staff and all volunteers for up to 5 counselling appointments per year at a cost of $6.80 per month per staff and volunteer


  • Workshops

    We offer workshops and online courses all year long for professionals, for continuing education in Christian Counselling and Christian Healthcare through our Christian Counselling Academy.