staff and volunteer counselling plans

Christian Wellness Plans, through Okanagan Christian Counselling, now offers its along-source counselling across Canada, for churches, schools, Christian ministries and community organizations who want to make Christian counselling services available to their staff and/or volunteers, all year long at a very affordable cost.

How does it work? Your organization enters into an agreement with Christian Wellness Plans, allowing us to come alongside your organization to provide our Christian counselling services as needed to your staff and/or volunteers.

Our Plan gives staff and/or volunteers in your organization up to 5 counselling appointments per year, for a very affordable cost of $8.50 plus gst per month per staff member (staff only plan) or $6.80 plus gst per month per staff member and volunteer (staff and volunteer plan).  For our staff only plan, the yearly cost per staff member is $102.00 plus gst, giving each staff member $500.00 plus gst worth of counselling services over the year. Our staff and volunteer plan is even more economical!

This is a very cost-saving way to keep your staff and volunteers' mental health, emotional health and other counselling needs covered without the tremendous cost of having a counsellor hired on staff.

All counselling services can be accessed by appointment in person (in Kelowna, BC), or by text, phone, Facetime, Skype and email. Appointments can be made for days, evenings, nights, weekends and holidays.

Counselling can include Christian counsel, mentorship/support, mental health therapies, emotional development counselling, coaching, prayer, deliverance, inner healing, teaching and workshops, as needed.

Our services are normally at a rate of $100.00 plus gst per hour. Your organization can call or email us to be setup with your Plan. We can have your staff and volunteers covered and taken care of within 48 hours of a signed Plan.

*Staff and volunteers have a full 365 days from Plan signing to use their counselling coverage.

To schedule a call from us or an email from us to answer your questions, and to order a Plan for your organization, email us at or phone us at 250-718-8856.